make success visible


The perfect tool to track and visualize your business’s succes! Keep an overview of the most important geographical aspect of your business, pinpoint opportunities and make growth and succes visible.

All the data you need to keep an overview:

  • Marketing strategy
  • Identify potential clients
  • Easily communicate follow-up
  • Make growth visible

With Exploremaps you can visualize your data the way you see fit, tailored to the needs of your business.

Exploremaps can be customized, implemented and linked to your billing system or mailing system.

Exploremaps is easy to use, making communication between team members flawless and efficient

Connect you and your team in real time, without getting lost in time and energy consuming spreadsheets, centralize all data in one all round tool, always easy accessible and completely customized to your own business’ needs.
An IT tool with a vision!

ExploreMaps Marketing


Make visual appointments for your telemarketing-and sales team. Write short reports, linked to each separate client, while giving your sales team all the info they need to maximize the succes.

A quicker turnaround of information with visual reminders for a waterproof follow-up. Expand your business geographically.

ExploreMaps Groeiproces


Make the comparison between different years or quarters of clients to get a clear vision of the growth of your business.

Blue: 2016
Red: 2017
Min green: 2018 Q1
Green: 2018 Q2

ExploreMaps Potentiele klanten

Potential clients

Get a clear overview of your potential clients/ opportunities. Make a distinction between where you’re active, and where opportunities are still up for seizing so you can target specific regions.

Centralize all the leads you collected on websites and/or netwerking events geographically, effortless and efficient.